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It was Christmas eve and the whole gang was celebrating.

cybrax had strung up the Christmas lights while CC had decorated the tree and MC made food. They all were having fun and laughing and getting in the Christmas mood but you know who wasn't ZARDOS.
he hated Christmas, he hated the lights, the songs , trees, happiness basically Christmas itself he didn't even like the presents.

zardos: ugh why the hell are you people still decorating

cybrax: casue its Christmas eve dumbass


zardos: o so know your a pirate

CC: yeppum

cybrax: why don't you come help us it would make it end quicker

zardos: hahahah no I'm going back to bed

cybrax: suit yourself * he shouts * yo MC spin that shit

MC: * he nods and places a Christmas mix track on the spin table and music starts blaring*

zardos: o for the love of Christ turn that thing off.

and so the night went on the guys where partying while zardos laid in his room with a sour attitude.

zardos: I have got to stop this from happening ever again my nerves are gonna explode. ( and so he plotted )
zardos: heheheh ill just take all their gifts and trees and everything away from them and they be so sad that they might even cry hehe.

so zardos stayed up till 1:00 in the morning to make sure everone was asleep and they where, cybrax was out with his santa hat on , CC hung from the ceiling sleeping like a baby and MC curled up in a ball with his music playing in his ears.

zardos: perfect now to make my move * he jumps in front of the tree* lets see the presnts first * he grabs them 2 by 2 and brings them to his lair * they will never find them here ( he thought)

zardos: next those damn lights I can barley see * he flies up and snatches the lights from the railing the ceiling the tree and even the rafters and makes it one giant ball * hehehe these will look perfect in hell * he threw them in the trash * a and now for that damn tree

but before he could start he heard a knock at the door and not wanting the others to hear and wake up he answered

zardos: * opens the front door * hello 

a little girl stands their in the cold crying

G: I cant find my mom

zardos: why the hell are you out side at 1:30 in the morning are you nuts

G: will you help me?

zardos: I would but umm you see I have work to do and very busy so umm

G: * her eyes are watering and she is on the verge of crying *

zardos: ugh fine come in but don't touch anything

g: yay thankyou mister * she walks in to see the tree * woahh so pretty

zardos: its ugly and annoying

G: but why 

zardos: because its super heavy to put up requires a crap ton of water not to mention how many hours it takes to decorate it

G: but isn't that fun when you do it with family and friends   

zardos: well.. umm.. I actually wouldn't know

G: do you not have a family

zardos: no I do its just

g: you never wanted to help them

zardos: yeah exactly

G: but your missing out that's what Christmas is about spending time with family friends and showing love and support for each other.

after hearing this zardos understood what she meant his eyes were open and he realized what Christmas was all aboutand how blind he was to it

zardos: your right and I have some things I need to change can I ask for your help

G: sure

zardos: perfect thanks

and so the little girl and zardos sprung right to work fixing up the tree putting the presents back and then added their own touches zardos made cookies while she made eggnog they where having so much fun that time flew by and the sun came up on the perfect white snow outside.

zardos: morning kid * he opens his eyes * kid kid where'd ya go

she was no where to be found

zardos: kid o crap * he starts looking *

zarods looked every where under couches in rooms in ovens fridges every crack he could find but nothing she had disappeared

zardos: what no where

CC: MORNING KIDDIES * he falls from the rafters * holy crap zardos did you make these cookies their awesome

cybrax: * he stretches waking up * morning wow zardos what you doing up so early

CC: cy you need to  try these * he hands him a cookie *

cybrax: * he takes a bite * wow these are amazing you make these zardos

zardos: yeah

cybrax: whats wrong

zardos: shes gone * he says with pain in his voice*

cybrax: you had another vision didn't you

zardos: but this one was real she came in the house made the eggnog helped me with the tree I felt her hand

cybrax: these time of year is hard especially after that but maybe you learned something

zardos: yeah I did * he looks at them * that Christmas must be spent with the ones you have

CC: atta boy zardos that's the spirit

cybrax: haha congrats man

and so they partied and opened their gifts and had a great Christmas zardos finally understood what Christmas was about.


a cold air and full moon shine down on the snowy graveyard, a figure with demon like wings flies across the sky and lands in the grave yard and approaches a tomb dedicated to people he knows

zardos: I miss you guys so much * a tear escapes his eye * Merry Christmas mom and dad * he turns to see the smallest grave * thanks for teaching me once again sis ill never forget you * he leans down and puts a rose on the grave * good bye * he flies off into the night and shouts * MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT


well I know its 2 days after Christmas actually was sick for them both so had no chance to make this but here your go hope you all had a good Christmas


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like drawing even though i suck at it
love RP
love my watchers and intereacting with them
playing video games is how i past the time
like making others happy


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(So I believe we stopped at where zardos was talking to zero after shooting fire at him)
Zero: I'm pathetic? What's really pathetic was that fireball of yours!
*cybrax finds himself next to lilith, who's bleeding from where zardos got her side*
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cybrax: sure thing * he pulls them out * I have a healing shot in my suit o can use it if its alright with you

cybrax: says the one that's been following us as a raven
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